Frequently Asked Questions

Why online consultation, and when I can go to a doctor?
Online consultations save you time and money to commute. In these covid times, it keeps you safe from the virus. Also you can get digital prescription which is legal and clearly legible unlike the rest.
What is the genuineness of a doctor who is online?
We at Doktors, verify the genuineness of a doctor’s degrees and experiences before bringing him on the board. Which cannot be done when you visit a doctor in his chamber. We, therefore, assure a doctor’s genuineness.
Do I have to pay again for a follow-up?
No. One follow-up is free though time limitations apply.
Do you have any Refer and Earn schemes?
Yes. Apart from the Refer & Earn, we may run other promotional schemes from time to time for the benefit of our customers.
How much time do you take to make a refund?
Hope, you haven't found any occasion to ask for a refund. However, in an unfortunate situation, we take a maximum of 7 days to make the refund.
What are the minimum and maximum validity periods for encashing wallet credits?
The minimum period is couple of days and the maximum will have no limits.
Will I recieve spam mails and calls after registering with you?
Not at all. Whatever communication we will create to you, will be by obtaining your permission only.
Will my sensitive data remain secure with you? Will you share it with third parties?
We take utmost care to keep your data safe and secure with highest level of data safe guards to protect your data.

Frequestly Asked Questions

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