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Best Psychiatrists in Kolkata

Psychiatrists who specialise in the study and treatment of mental disorders.

Best Psychiatrists in Kolkata

Psychiatrists are doctors who specialise in the study and treatment of mental disorders. They have training in how to treat different psychological disorders. Some treatments include giving medicine for things like strokes, eating disorders, sexual disorders, and mental health issues that women face. It is a good idea to go to the clinic for regular check-ups.

The doctors in this list work independently or with a group of other doctors in private/government clinics/hospitals. The minimum fee for these psychiatrists is a few hundred rupees. This is so that everyone can afford to get help. 

People who have thoughts or emotions that are out of their control and affecting their relationships, work and sense of well-being should seek immediate help. If you are feeling upset or depressed, there are trained psychiatrists in Kolkata who can help you deal with the challenges of life. This includes anxiety disorder, trauma and stress-related disorders,

Psychiatrists are able to do many tests to understand someone's physical and mental state. This information helps them figure out what is wrong and how to fix it.

Psychiatrist Near Me in Kolkata

There are more than a hundred reasons why consulting a psychiatrist in Kolkata might be the best way to deal with a situation and get a practical solution.

People looking for psychiatric services can find professional psychiatrists near me location in a variety of places, such as nursing homes, private clinics, rehabilitation centers, general hospitals with a psychiatry department and psychiatric clinics. A good number of psychiatrists are also employed in the public health sector. 
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What is the cost of a psychiatric consultation?

What is the cost of a psychiatric consultation?

A good psychiatrist usually charges around Rs. 800 for a consultation. This price may be more depending on the specialist's experience and popularity.

What can Doktors do for you in terms of locating the best psychiatrists in your area?

If a mental health condition is difficult to diagnose, severe, or sudden, and isn't responding to standard treatment, then consulting a psychiatrist can be very helpful. Psychiatrists can provide safe and effective treatments as well as explain why they recommend certain treatments, how they work, potential side effects, any risks involved, cost, etc.

Doktors app is the best app to find a psychiatrist near you. You can quickly search for the nearest psychiatrists and see their phone numbers. You can then call them and book an appointment. You can also find out information like their consultation fees, hours, modes of payment, years of experience, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the medications that psychiatrists in Kolkata give lifelong?
Not all medications that psychiatrists recommend are life-long. Most patients who are treated for psychological problems will eventually stop taking their medication when they are feeling better.
2. Is the medicine being given by a psychiatrist addictive?
Most psychiatric medications can be stopped without the patient feeling any withdrawal symptoms. It is always better to ask the professional if the medications can cause dependence.
3. Is it possible for a psychiatrist to cure mental illness?
If people receive the right treatment, they can often recover from a psychological illness.
4. Is there any evidence that psychotherapy has an impact?
There are many different types of therapies, like cognitive behaviour therapy and brief dynamic therapy. They can all be effective when done by a trained psychiatrist close by. In order for the therapies to be effective, the patient needs to be willing to cooperate and follow the therapist's instructions.
5. In the first appointment with a psychiatrist in Kolkata, do they ask about childhood issues?
The professional does not need to know about your childhood issues from the first appointment. They will only ask questions that are relevant to the current problem. If necessary, they may discuss your childhood issues, but only if it is relevant to helping you with the current problem.

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