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Tele-consultation is a way to talk to doctors

Mohammad Yaseen

2022-03-28 16:52:44

You can avoid doctor visits during the Covid-19 pandemic by opting for tele-consultations.

Tele-consultation is a way to talk to doctors who are far away. People use it during the coronavirus crisis because they don't want to go to the doctor.

Hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes are the most likely places to catch an infection. Something as dangerous and feared as Covid-19 makes it even more important to be careful when you go to these places. But diseases cannot wait for Covid-19 to either become less fatal or disappear from the face of the earth altogether.

Tele-consultation with a doctor is a good way to talk to a doctor without having to go see them. You can use the phone, video call, chat, or email to talk to them. If you don't need to see the doctor in person, then tele-consultation is a good option for both of you.

However, in serious illnesses where the doctor needs to use all of his/her senses - vision, touch, sound and smell - to make a correct diagnosis, a tele-consultation might not be enough. In some cases, a visit will be unavoidable. Even in these cases, though, several visits can be avoided by using tele-consultation.

Medical tele-consultations are a new practice in India. Here are some things you should think about before having one:

-What is the purpose of the consultation?

-Who will be involved? The patient, the doctor, or both?

-Where will it take place?

1. There are three ways to have a real-time tele-consultation appointment with a doctor. You can have a phone call, a video call or a live chat. Another option is to use an offline chat, WhatsApp message, SMS or email. The doctor's availability, fees and response time vary depending on which option you choose.

2. There are different ways to take a tele-consultation appointment. You can go to an aggregate website that has doctors and healthcare professionals from all over India registered with them. You can visit the website or download the doktors app. Some big hospitals have made their own mobile apps that allow you to talk to doctors on their staff. If you are a freelance practitioner, you can either be connected directly or through an app or website that is specific to your hospital.

3. If you're going to have a tele-consultation, it's a good idea to prepare beforehand. Make a list of your concerns and symptoms related to the disease you're consulting about. Also, write down any medications you're taking for any pre-existing conditions. Keep medical devices to check temperature, blood pressure, sugar levels, pulse, oxygen saturation level etc. handy, in case the doctor needs to take any on-the-spot readings. Also, have a list of questions ready so you do not forget to ask anything during the call.

Make sure you have a good network connection when you have a real-time consultation. This is especially important if the consultation is done by video. You will need a high-speed internet connection and a good camera so the doctor can see any physical symptoms you may have.

Now is a good time to use tele-consultations with doctors. This will help keep you and the doctors safe. The doctors are very busy right now because of the Covid crisis. They will appreciate it if you can talk to them by phone or online.

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