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Effects of smoking, taking drugs or drinking alcohol?

Mohammad Yaseen

2022-03-30 15:48:46

What are the effects of smoking, taking drugs or drinking alcohol on oral health?

Smoking, taking drugs and drinking alcohol can all have negative effects on oral health. Smoking can cause bad breath, stained teeth and gums, and an increased risk of gum disease.

Drinking alcohol is one of the causes of mouth cancer. People who smoke and drink are more likely to get mouth cancer. Alcohol also makes it more likely for people to get tooth decay and dental erosion. This happens because a lot of alcoholic drinks have a lot of sugar in them, and sometimes there can be acids in mixed drinks.

Using prohibited drugs can have different effects on your health. Smoking cannabis and tobacco can have the same effects. Some drugs make you have a dry mouth and makes you more likely to have bad breath, tooth decay, erosion, and gum disease. Drug use can also cause you to grind your teeth which leads to headaches and other problems.

The family dentist can ask their patients about their lifestyle and general health. This is because both of these things can have an effect on their mouth health.

What condition are their teeth in?

Some people are not happy with the way their teeth look. They don't smile in photos or social events because they are afraid that people will see their teeth and be unhappy with them too. But there is good news! Teeth can be treated to address any issues.

How can you make your smile look better?

Teeth can be straightened or moved by an orthodontic appliance or "brace" to improve their function and look. It is best to improve the overall health of teeth, gums plus jaw joints by extending the biting pressure all over the teeth.

There are different types of braces, and an orthodontist or dental team can suggest the best type for a patient.

Many people want whiter teeth. However, only people over 18 are allowed to buy home whitening kits. So it is better to have teeth whitened by a professional like a dentist.

How long will it take for the brace to work?

This depends on how bad the dental problem is. Some people need braces for only a few months, while others might need them for up to two and a half years.

What does tooth jewellery look like?

Tooth jewellery is small jewels that are attached to your teeth with dental cement. The dentist should be the one to put them in and also take them out if needed.It is important to keep the area around tooth jewellery clean in order to prevent plague from developing. Plague can lead to tooth decay, so it is best to take precautions.


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