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Mental depression can be caused by many things

Mohammed Farooq

2022-04-11 17:06:14

Mental depression can be caused by many things. It can be treated in different ways, including medication and therapy.


Depression is becoming a bigger problem all over the world. It might seem like a small thing, but it can cause many physical and mental problems. This affects not only the person who is depressed, but their family and friends too. It also affects the country as a whole. Let's take a look at what causes stress .


Reasons of Depression: -


People need to be around other people to feel comfortable. When people are around each other, they can talk and get to know each other. This is a good thing because it helps reduce tension in the world. People should not compare themselves to others because this can lead to envy and tension.


Competition is a big part of our lives today. We are always busy with work and trying to keep up with everyone else. This can be really stressful, which can make us mentally weak.


Male members are the bread earners of the family and they face a lot of challenges. This includes work, family, and children.


People who are under a lot of pressure in the outside world need a place where they can relax. If their home is tense and stressful, it will only make things worse. This can lead to stress and depression. This is because a calm and peaceful home is important for avoiding depression.


Women are more likely to get depressed than men. This is because of the different hormones that women have at different stages in their lives. For example, during puberty and when they have children, there is a serious hormonal imbalance. And during menopause, the physical and mental structure changes which can lead to tension and depression.




When someone is affected, they should be treated with compassion. All efforts should be made to understand why they are depressed. Children should never be scolded; their problem should be fixed first. If we have a sympathetic attitude and proper intervention, the responsible factor can be eradicated.


Some girls become depressed because of things that happened to them when they were children. This might include changes in their bodies and hormones, or problems in their family. If a girl is depressed, it might be helpful for her to see a counselor to talk about her feelings.


It is important for the male member of the family, especially the breadwinner, to make financial plans. This will help you avoid getting stressed out and make sure you have enough money. You should also take some time to relax and do things that make you happy, like listening to music or doing an activity you enjoy.

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