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Online doctor consultation accessibility and quality of care

Mohammad Yaseen

2022-03-28 17:42:17

Online doctor consultation: a powerful tool that strengthens accessibility and quality of care

Because technology is constantly evolving, the interaction between health professionals and patients has as well.

Telemedicine is increasingly producing tools and services that are completely changing the traditional access of patients to medical care and expertise.

Meshwork Technologies has developed and received approval from the public authorities for its on-line HD video doctor consultation service to expand the interaction and support capacities for patients benefiting from doktors app medical services.

This offer allows Doktors members to see a Board-Certified Physician from a medical team belonging to its network of specialists and hospitals at any time and to get medical advice from anywhere in the India (excluding medical emergencies). This service is now available on computers and tablets through an responsive connection, and the mobile application (IOS and Android).

The reduced number of care providers and long waiting times means that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find someone to take care of you.

In general, we could say that there is a lack of medical providers in a given area. This is often referred to as a "medical desert."

Even if it is hard to find a doctor near your home, Doktors can still provide you with quality medical advice about your situation.

Most health care infrastructures are located near metropolitan areas. This is especially true for some specialties, like pediatrics. The policy of setting up large regional hospitals has made the problem worse of people having to travel far distances to get medical care.

In recent years, there has been a trend of large regional hospitals located many miles away from some towns. This can make it difficult for families to visit a doctor, since they may have to drive for an hour or more. The weather and traffic can also make it hard to get to the hospital.

Even in areas where there are not many doctors, we can find the same situation. There might be some doctors in these areas, but there is still a lack of certain specialties.

Finding a doctor who specializes in the pathologies of the loss of smell is a real problem for some patients. There are only a few specialists who are working on this issue, and they are very popular. If you need to see one of these specialists, you will have to wait several months for an appointment. This is not something that works.

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