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Best Pediatricians in Hyderabad

Paediatricians are doctors who focus on the physical and mental health of children from birth to adolescence. They make sure that the child gets the best care and treatment possible, based on their individual needs.

Pediatricians in Hyderabad

Paediatricians are doctors who focus on the physical and mental health of children from birth to adolescence. They make sure that the child gets the best care and treatment possible, based on their individual needs. In Hyderabad, there are many paediatricians who are qualified to look after a wide range of paediatric needs until a child reaches .


Pediatric specialists recommend screening tests to identify any disorder. This way, they can take immediate measures to prevent the child from getting sick. Pediatric specialists work closely with the parents of the child so that the child can meet developmental milestones appropriate for their age.


These paediatric clinics are located in a convenient place. Most of the clinics accept cash, but some also accept payment through cards. If you want to find a paediatrician in your area, scroll up and find a long list of them.

If you have concerns about your child's health, you can consult a paediatrician in Hyderabad.

There are two types of doctors who can provide care to children- family physicians and paediatricians. Paediatricians are specialists in providing treatment for the physical, emotional, and behavioural needs of children. They have a broader experience and knowledge than family physicians in identifying and treating various illnesses in children. Certified paediatricians are the first point


Paediatricians provide a wide range of services.


1. It is important to perform routine health and wellness check-ups in order to maintain good health. This includes checking your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and other vital statistics on a regular basis.


2. Carrying out physical examinations


3. Immunization is important for people.


4. Making sure your child is growing and developing as they should is important. You should make sure they are doing well at every stage in their life.


5. There are many different types of infections, injuries, and illnesses that can affect children. It is important to be able to identify them early on and provide treatment as needed.


6. Making sure your children are getting the right kind of food and staying active


If a child gets sick and needs more care than what a paediatric consultant can offer, these doctors will help refer the family to someone who can help.

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Some paediatricians charge fees for consultations.

Some paediatricians charge fees for consultations.

The consultation fee for a paediatrician varies depending on their experience. However, the average fee is around Rs. 400.


Here are the steps to finding the best best paediatrician in hyderabad on Doktors:


1. Look for a paediatrician who is licensed in your area.


2. Make sure that the paediatrician has experience with your child's specific needs.


3. Ask around for recommendations from friends and family members.


Doktors makes it easy for you to find a paediatrician in Hyderabad. All you have to do is follow these steps:


1. Go to Doktors.com


2. Type "paediatrician" in the search bar and hit enter


3. Click on the "Hyderabad" tab


• In the search box at the top of the page, type in "paediatricians." You will then be able to see a list of qualified paediatricians in your area.


•The list of verified paediatricians will have the contact details of each doctor.


• If you want to set an appointment, you can use the "Book Appointment" button. If you have any questions, you can choose the "Enquire Now" tab.


How can Doktors assist you in locating the finest pediatricians on the internet?


With the Doktors app/website, you can find paediatricians near you who are experts in their field. You can see their contact number, consultation timings, and what areas of expertise they have. You can also make your search more specific by adding filters like location, distance, and rating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do pediatricians give vaccinations?

Yes, paediatricians in Hyderabad are trained to give vaccines to children. Immunization will protect your child from potentially deadly diseases. Make sure to follow the vaccination schedule as prescribed by the doctor.

Do Hyderabad's paediatricians provide online consultation services?

Many paediatricians offer video consultation services. All you have to do is follow their booking procedure, such as selecting a slot for consultation, paying the consultation charges online, consulting the doctor, and receiving the prescription online.

What are the various pediatric specializations, and how do they operate?

There are general paediatricians in Hyderabad who offer primary care. There are also other paediatricians who specialize in different areas, like adolescent medicine, paediatric critical care medicine, paediatric cardiology, child abuse paediatrics, developmental-behavioural paediatrics, and so on.

Do pediatricians treat children with allergies?

Yes, doctors can treat allergies in children. The doctor may perform an allergy test to identify the reason of a persistent allergy.

Will I need to make an appointment with a paediatrician ahead of time?

Most paediatricians nearby prefer to see patients by appointment.

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