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So Your Lower Back Hurts?

Mohammad Yaseen

2022-04-12 11:59:25

Low back pain is one of the most common problems people have. About 8 out of 10 people will have back pain at some point in their life. That's a lot of people! Do you have low back pain?

Lower back pain is the most common type of back pain. It's no surprise that it is so common because there are a lot of things that can cause it. Do you know why it is so common?

It's not car accidents, it's not work-related injuries, and it's not a lack of prescription medications either. Lack of movement and use is the number one cause of back pain!

Do you know that orthopedic specialists and chiropractors can help with back pain?

The reason you might have pain in your back or other parts of your body is because of how you use your muscles over time. If you don't move them evenly, then it can lead to muscle imbalances and problems. For example, if you're not moving them enough, then you might start to have pain from uneven wear and
Here is a typical person's day:

Get up in the morning.
Eat breakfast (hopefully).
Drive or ride to work.
Sit at desk.
Eat lunch.
Sit at desk some more. 
Drive or ride home. 
Eat dinner. 
Sit on couch and watch TV. 
Go to bed.

This is how we get serious muscle imbalances. We sit too much, and then when we go to the gym, we do exercises that make the imbalances worse.

The key to getting rid of back pain is to identify the muscles that are pulling the spine, bones, and joints out of place. You can do this by stretching the tight muscles and strengthening the weak muscles.

I am a certified personal fitness trainer and post-rehabilitation specialist. I have worked with hundreds of individuals who have back pain. I discovered some interesting facts about back pain while working with these people.
Many people who seek professional help for their back pain are often mis-diagnosed. As a result, they may end up following a treatment plan that does not eliminate the cause of their back pain.

Almost all of the people I worked with were able to get rid of their back pain, or at least improve their condition a lot, even though they had tried traditional treatments like physical therapy, chiropractic care, cortisone injections, anti-inflammatory medications, and surgery.

Many people were able to get rid of their back pain by doing a few specific exercises and stretches. These exercises and stretches were different for each person, depending on their needs.

Many people have suffered from back pain for a long time. They have had a lot of aches, pains, and stiffness. As a result, they have been unable to live active lives.

Most treatment plans only address the symptoms and not the cause of the problem. This usually provides temporary relief for the individual.

I have had personal experiences with back pain and other conditions such as tendonitis, muscle strains and sprains. In every situation, the traditional treatments did not help very much. The only approach that gave lasting improvements was targeted stretches and exercises.

Have you tried traditional treatments, like pain killers or anti-inflammatory drugs, but found that they don't help for very long? I'm not saying these treatments don't work at all, but I am saying that they don't get rid of the underlying problem.

How can you identify muscle imbalances? It can be difficult, but if you understand how your body works, you can start looking at your situation and find out which muscles are overworked and too strong and/or tight, and which ones are too weak and stretched out.

You can also find a health professional who specializes in identifying muscle imbalances. This is someone who uses a common sense approach. However, it can be difficult to find these professionals. The best thing to do is look for a personal fitness trainer that has been trained and certified in post-rehabilitation. This will help with your back

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