Why you should join us

Patients love us, and we respect their trust


Doktors provide a specific time for each consultation. This saves time as well as work. Grasp this time saving benefits.

Strategic Work

Being a doctor, you have ample work to be done. Simply get your work done by the formal schedule.


While you check a hundred patients, it takes longer. But with Doktors, you can connect more patients as the time is fixed.


If you want to become popular as a specialised doctor, you should join Doktors, as we are in all states and cities. Meet external patients.

Get free access to Doktors platform

Consult with patients remotely

Allow your patients to ask follow-up queries from anywhere and offer them a delightful experience.

Consult with patients remotely

Allow your patients to ask follow-up queries from anywhere and offer them a delightful experience.

Securely share records

Patients love having all medical records on their phone and also, the doctors who share.

Collect valuable feedback

Get reviews and recommendations from all your patients and enhance your online presence.

Smart Work Makes The Highest Profit

We know doctors are always busy. Hence, you should follow a schedule with smart work. Doktors provide smart work facilities with the highest profit.

Doctors with all the specialization can allow to join Able to treating patients all over India

Enhanced credibility.

Provide consultation to patients using a mobile phone.

Liberal revenue sharing.

Timely disbursement of payments.

Easy access to patients based on their medical records.

Articles on health are get noticed

Answer health queries of users and earn goodwill.

Doktors for clinics

Get the most comprehensive clinic management system.

Can Increased the flow of patients.

Gets better recognition and reputation.

Liberal revenue sharing.

Timely disbursement of payments.

Easy access to patients based on their medical records.

Track your clinic performance on the go.

Register yourself on Doktors partner app

Select working category. Enter the basic information like mobile number, name, email and clinic or establishment name.

Update clinic profile information

Fill details about you and your clinic including clinic establishment year, location and more.

Help us to verify profile

Enter your name, email id, mobile number and clinic or establishment name.

Doktors for Hospitals

Get the most comprehensive Hospital management system.

Can Increased the flow of patients.

Gets better recognition and reputation.

Liberal revenue sharing.

Timely disbursement of payments.

Easy access to patients based on their medical records.

Track your clinic performance on the go.

Be confident with the patient & earn their love

Ask patients questions to improve their experience.

Answer your patient’s concerns directly.

Offer additional useful information.

Communicate effectively by listening actively.

Build trusted long-term relationships with patients.

Your Data Is Only Yours,FEEL SAFE !

Our Doktors is a risk-free platform

256-bit End-to-end encryption

HIPAA - Compliant data center

Upto a minute automated backups

2 factor authentication

IP whitelisting

256-bit End-to-end encryption



A powerful app that lets you manage and grow your business.

What is Doktors ?

Doktors is an online healthcare platform to services all over India. It is built with strong technological foundation based upon all types of healthcare professionals, the main motto is to reach the services for all the people across the India with affordable and quality health care through online. This is the health care platform to serve humanity like a doctor or inform of the clinic etc., All these categories of health care service providers can join the Doktors network and benefit as it is set to expand its footprint all over India very soon and eventually go global.Doktors strongly believes that Prevention is Better than Cure. Based on the Proverb doctors regularly provides health tips and blogs to patient to stay healthy and fit. Moreover, Doktors answers patients’ specific health-related queries for free of charge to give them proper guidance.The best doctors can be chosen by the patients based on their specialization, experience, disciplines and ensuring reliability for better treatment. The patient has right to choose the doctor based up on their health problem. Doktors takes responsibility for the inconvenience of doctors and clinics, and also maintain regular appointments among all the affiliated doctors and clinics without any disturbances to the patient while booking an appointment. New features can also been added to the Doktors as healthcare provider as well as user application.

Those who are not doctors or clinics but excel in some other field of health care can build a career for themselves by joining DOKTORS. Their benefits are enumerated below -

- Opportunity to showcase your skills.

- Grow with the fast-growing organization.

- Easy joining and complete support from Team Doktors will surely ensure a fruitful association.

What is our motive ?
We understand that it can be difficult to find a doctor or pharmacy when you need medical advice. That is why we have developed the Doktors App Consultation service with our team of experts, connecting users to our health professionals no matter where they are in India. In order to use this service, you first need to sign up and create an account. This will give the Doktors App team some basic information about you. Then, open the platform and complete the online questionnaire. After that, book your appointment for an online medical consultation through audio or video.
After your online doctor consultation, our expert doctors can provide you with the advice and guidance you need, all through video chat or email.
Doktors is an online doctor consultation service that lets you get a prescription for a range of different things, like medicines to lower blood pressure or contraceptives. You can choose the category of medicine you need and then answer some questions. A doctor will consultation with you after you make a booking to make sure everything is okay. After you are satisfied, the doctor will be able to prescribe medications for you. In order to use this service from doktors, you must first complete the sign up form in the doktors app. We would not be able to do what we do without our patients. You inspire us to continue creating the Doktors App web / app platform and service. We made this platform and service to meet your needs.




Verified Doctors





A win to win situation for all stakeholders is the idea behind Doktors. While nobody is losing out, all parties-patients, doctors and clinics have only something to gain.

Doctor’s Blogs And Healing Tips

Publishing blogs and tips are now available. Doctors can share the blog and healthcare tips to show the users. These will make the patients upgrade.

While the doctor has a great grasp in writing, they can share the health tips and health related secrets with the patients. These will be helping the users and patients.

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What Doctors & Clinics Say About Us

What Doctors & Clinics Say About Us

Health Is Our Mission

Doktors stand with the virtual heal civilization. Connecting doctors with us, we motive to reach every household at their tough time. Doctors are our only strength to maintain the chainwork. Help us to grow in such a greater way.

About Us

Know more about our Doktors security

Your data is extremely valuable to us. World-renowned AWS is protecting ALL our data. They will protect your and our data in a way they protect their parent company Amazon’s.Adequate steps are taken to protect your data and AWS, among the best data security experts in the world have been engaged to protect them. However, in today’s world no data is 100% foolproof.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We discuss the common questions of the clinics.

Will Doktors help me to get more patients?
Doktors help you to manage your healthcare establishment and it does not help directly drive new patients to your clinic.
Is my data safe?
No one has access to your system without your permission. All Doktors servers are hosted within HIPAA compliant Virtual Private Servers inside Amazon Cloud with multiple protection layers, which means that your data is safe.
I have so much data to migrate. What do I do?
Our implementation team will help you through the entire data import so that you can get started immediately.
Will Doctors customise the application for me?
Doktors is already a by-product of various customisation requirements from over 1000 centres. Feature requests that are popular among our customers are often prioritised and added to the product on an ongoing basis.
How much time do I need to invest to get started?
Doktors has one of the fastest implementation turnaround times in the industry. We will also help you with the implementation as well as getting-started process.