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The Long-term effects of Corona Virus

Mohammad Yaseen

2022-03-23 16:08:00

The long-term consequences of the Covid virus are starting to become apparent. People who have been shielding themselves are becoming frightened and hesitant to leave their homes and go to bustling areas, particularly now that instances are escalating. Many who have had to deal with it, and even who have minor attacks could have experienced chronic illnesses or post-viral fatigue, and bronchial issues as well. Strange symptoms like fatigue persist as do coughs and breathing issues that may take months to heal. I've been exhausted for a long time, I've experienced breathing problems and an ongoing cough, even though they have improved.

My brother is suffering from depression that is clinical I'm sure that many others are , following the strict confinement for months. Also, of course, depression that is caused by losing family members and loved ones to the disease. It has happened to thousands of people in the United States and around the world.

The amount of deaths in care homes was staggering in the beginning stages. I hope that lessons be gained should there be an outbreak in the winter. Families have been ripped apart when members were affected by the virus, and children may be without parents and grandparents.

Of course , the second reason for depression caused due to the virus financial calamity. The loss of employment and the income they could have brought, as well as the uncertainty and fear. Despite the financial aid that the government has provided, many are slipping through the cracks and are not eligible for the different schemes. This will eventually lead to an increase in the number of homeless.

These are not just figures these actually have been working throughout their lives to support their families. Many have started businesses and are trying to make them successful. The stress is likely to result in suicide for a lot of people who are unable to bear the pressure to the limit. Globally, the possibility of a financial crisis to be triggered is beyond the imagination of anyone.

The divorce rate is soaring, when relationships that were bit rough have crumbled because of the stress of the lockdown as well as the financial difficulties that follow. It is expected that the number will increase by fourfold in the next couple of months. Food banks are struggling to deal with the growing amount of people in desperate need to feed their families.

In the medical field, waiting lists for cancer treatments as well as other medical concerns are growing every day as hospitals are being taken over from Covid patients.

What can we do to slow to stop the spreading of this virus and stop a second outbreak this winter? Make sure to take seriously wearing masks as well as hand washing, social distancing. Be sure to follow the rules and avoid being self-centered as many are doing by going to raves and having parties. The earlier we can reduce the amount of spread, the faster we'll all gain from living the new standard.

The loneliness and isolation of the past few months has been a nightmare for a lot of people, particularly for those living alone and protecting people from the loss of loved ones who are in hospitals and not able to see them. Keep an eye on the situation and adhere to the guidelines and rules it's in our best interest and everyone else's best interests.

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