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Corona The Virus and the Duties of Citizens

Mohammad Yaseen

2022-03-23 16:02:51

Corona Virus is one of the largest family of viruses that are responsible to cause illness in both animals and human beings. A lot of people refer to Corona virus COVID-19, which is not a precise abbreviation. As per WHO World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 is the latest disease that is caused by the Corona virus that first emerged in China in the month of December. At the time of the 1st April 2020 the pandemic was affecting nearly 200 nations around the world. People who are infected get colds symptoms like fever, cough nasal congestion, a running nose, aches and pains. Others do not initially show any of these signs, which enables the spread of the disease more quickly. Since there is no treatment available for COVID-19, social Distance is the sole preventative measure to stop the spread of the disease. Every state and country government officials are looking at ways to keep social distance and avoid contact. There are certain countries, it's been noticed that a large number of people adhere to the guidelines that are set by the government. Some of them do not. This article is written for all the citizens who truly take care of their country and family.

Social distancing:

As stated by in the WHO has stated, there isn't any medicine or vaccine available to treat the illness. Infected people are being treated and receive support for the symptoms. The possibility of a vaccine and other drugs is currently being tested (by the 1st week in April, 2020). The question now is how do we stop the spread of the spread of infection? It's obvious that keeping a contact and distance is the only way to prevent infection.

The responsibilities and obligations of a citizen during the Corona Virus pandemic

Since it is obvious that social distancing is the only way to go government is focused on lock downs and shut downs to limit the spread of infection within communities and to prevent contact. It is advised that people stay out of their homes for a certain duration of time in order to avoid infection and contact. As civilized people, citizens should be aware of the situation and be aware. Here are some important obligations to fulfill.

  • Don't make rumours of the spread of information like statistics and drugs, patient etc.
  • Beware of using social media platforms to spread panic
  • Avoid buying food items and other groceries in huge quantities. Give some to others.
  • Don't purchase sanitizers, or other hand wash products in large quantities. Make sure you purchase the proper amount to feed your entire family.
  • Follow the advices issued by the government.
  • Wear a mask when you are experiencing symptoms and remain in isolation to stay clear of contact with.
  • Do not travel during lockdown or when the airport is shut down.
  • Do not attend meetings or gatherings. Work from the comfort of your home.
  • If you've traveled from a different country, be sure to keep yourself at a distance.
  • If you're out to meet your basic needs, put on a masks and keep a distance of one meters (3 feet) from other people.

 It is only meant to keep the citizens free of this illness that has no treatment. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the rules and remain at the home.

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