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Best Physiotherapists In kolkata

Physiotherapists help people move again. They use machines and movements to help the person get better. They might give you medicine too.

Best Physiotherapists In kolkata

Physiotherapists help people move again. They use machines and movements to help the person get better. They might give you medicine too. Orthopedics often recommend physiotherapy treatment.

The most common and highly reported cases at physiotherapy clinics are those of back pain, joint pain, muscle stress, fractures, sprains and posture correction. There are many different types of physiotherapy like musculoskeletal, sports, neurology, wound care, EMG, cardiopulmonary, geriatrics, orthopedics.

There are many different types of physiotherapists. You can find them working in private clinics, hospitals, health and wellness clinics, rehabilitation hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, extended care facilities, private homes, education and research centers, schools and fitness centers. Sports physiotherapy is very important for athletes because it keeps them fit and helps them recover.

One of the biggest problems people face today is pain. 1 in 5 people in India suffers from chronic pain and almost 8% of them have pain that is so bad it makes it difficult for them to do everyday activities. The only solution they rely on is painkillers. However, these drugs can have their own side effects.

If you want to relieve your pain without taking painkillers, you can consult to a physiotherapist in Kolkata. Physiotherapists can help you feel better without using addictive drugs. They do this by providing treatment that is safe, natural, and effective.

What is the best way for a physiotherapist to help you?

Kolkata physiotherapists are experts at helping people who are in pain. They not only help to get rid of the pain, but also find and treat the source of the pain. Physiotherapists can help ease the pain with certain exercises that will help you move better.

In the physiotherapy session, there is a mix of -

Low impact aerobic training

This workout helps to raise your heart rate. It also takes care of your joints. For example, you can walk faster or use a stationary bike to warm up. Then you can do strengthening exercises without having to run.

Strengthening exercises

This workout uses machines that are available at the physiotherapist's office. The workout also includes using resistance bands or your own bodyweight for exercises like thick lunges, squats, pushups, etc. Your physiotherapist may also ask you to work on your core muscles like your back, glutes, belly, and upper body.

Pain relief exercises

These exercises help improve the flexibility of your joints and make it easier for you to live without pain.


Stretching is usually gentle and physiotherapists in Kolkata make sure that the patient is warmed up enough and is not stretching too far. Some exercises that you must do at home may be prescribed by your physiotherapist.

The following are some of the therapies that physiotherapists may provide during sessions:

Heat and ice packs

Both ice packs and heat packs can help to ease the pain. Ice packs help to calm inflammation, while heat packs help to warm up the muscles and make it easier for them to move.


Massaging areas that are sore or injured usually does not help to relax the pain. However, a physiotherapist is a skilled professional who takes care of their patients and makes sure that the massage is safe and helpful for them.
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What factors influence the choice of physiotherapy as a pain management tool?

What factors influence the choice of physiotherapy as a pain management tool?

Physiotherapy can help you feel better. It is a safe and natural way to treat pain. The physiotherapist will make a plan that fits your needs. You may also get heat therapy or cryotherapy. This will help you feel better without any side effects.

Physiotherapy can help you feel better in a lot of ways. They can help you avoid the side effects of medicine, and they can also help cure the pain. This is better than just taking a pill to numb the pain. You will feel better and be able to do more things when you are healthy and your pain is gone.

What is the cost of each physiotherapy session?

Depending on the clinic, the average cost for physiotherapy can be Rs 200 to Rs 1500 per session.

How can Doktors assist you in locating the best physiotherapists in your area?

Physiotherapists can help people who have chronic pain. They will make a plan for each person that is based on their symptoms and how bad the pain is. Every time a person goes to see a physiotherapist, they will do different exercises to try and manage the pain. They might also give some exercises to do at home.

If you are looking for a good physiotherapist, Doktors app is a great place to start. You can search for nearby physiotherapists on the app or website and then look at their contact and address details, years of experience, and ratings and reviews from other patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most frequent issues addressed by physiotherapists in Kolkata?
Physiotherapists help treat a lot of problems. Some common problems are knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and neck soreness. Some physiotherapists also work with people who have had strokes, sports injuries, or brain injuries.
2. What kind of treatments do Physiotherapists in your region employ?
Physiotherapists first assess the pain of the patient. They then develop a plan customized for them. This may include manual exercises, electrotherapy, heat therapy, ultrasound, sport injury taping, and more.
3. Is physiotherapy available at home in Kolkata?
Yes, many physiotherapists offer at-home sessions if you request it. However, it is a good idea to ask them once during the consultation.
4. What is the duration of each physiotherapy treatment?
A physiotherapy session usually lasts for 30 to 45 minutes. If it is for a longer time, the physiotherapist may charge more.
5. Will I require many visits with physiotherapists to get rid of pain?
Based on the patient's condition, there is no set number of sessions that will cure their pain. The number of sessions will be based on the progress the physiotherapists see in the patient's recovery.

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