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The Doktors Advantage

A win to win situation for all stakeholders is the idea behind Doktors. While nobody is losing out, all parties-patients, doctors and clinics have only something to gain.

For Doctors

1.Doktors will show your presence throughout the country. Increase virtual presence through Doktors all over India.
2.Doktors provides the best profit to the doctors. It is a source of smart earning. Avail this for your profit.
3.You will get recognition from the patients. Earn highest recommendation from patients.

For Patients

1.You will receive full time assistance from the support team. Connect anytime you want to get assistance.
2.Doktors provides the best treatment at reasonable prices. Save your money, and time by online checkup from the best doctors.
3.Maintain your health record with doktors app. Get all your data saved in the health passport. Get them anytime in any need.

For Clinics

1.Doktors enhance virtual presence and recognition. Get popular soon by serving patients.
2.Increase patients through your online presence. Maintain a healthy exercise with patients also.
3.Generate revenue by serving more patients. Contact the doctors and run your clinic successfully.

Your Data Has Only One Owner, YOU!

We never hand into your data. We kept the possible measures to maintain privacy and security. Keep yourself safe from the insecurity of data leakage.

our security

Security for doctor

Doctors’ data is proper and detailed.

Security for patients

We care for patients’ privacy and data security. Running the verification, you can access data.

Security for clinics

Sensitive data of the clinic are protected. The general data will be shown only.

Introducing Shortly

New, useful services for you

Hospitalization Services

Easier way of finding a hospital bed

Ambulance Services

Well-equipped and quick service

Hospitalization Services

Easier way of finding a hospital bed

Ambulance Services

Well-equipped and quick service

How Would You Get Our Services ?

Download the doktors app and select your niche. You can connect with our support team for user assistance.

Another way is, directly go by searching google. Type Doktors app and get into our official website. We are everywhere to guide you.

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Search by symtoms or category, click it & book doctor.

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Our Motto

We want to cover you every time with health guidance. We will serve you anytime, every time. We motive to serve you the best of our capability.

Low-Cost Treatment

Don’t negotiation with your health. Grab our low-cost treatment facility.

Fast Doctors Approval

Stop waiting for doctors’ approval. We have a random booking as well as a pre-hand booking.

We offer high quality care after in minutes. We can help by providing patients and their families with fast, specialist-led care. If you need a general physician for a yearly checkup, you can go to Doktor. They have a network of trusted physicians in India who specialize in different areas like skin checks, immunizations, and family medicine. They can also help with chronic disease management, dermatology, and care plans. Doktors lets you be in control of your health and wellness by connecting you with the right doctors when you need it. You can find and book a doctor online, anywhere in India, anytime. Get started today! Making sure that your doctor is seen by millions of patients every month who are looking for and booking doctors. We at doktors know and understands that sometimes it is hard to get an appointment with a doctor quickly. That is why we have created a service that lets you speak to a doctor online within minutes. You don't need to make an appointment online and then travel to the nearest doctor's office.

The Speedy Way to Secure an Online Doctor Appointment
Our service is meant to help people who don't have time to go to the doctor. We can help you if you have a medical emergency.
Our online doctor is available 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. You don't need to make an appointment. You can just register with us and then log in to the system to request a consultation. You don't have to go anywhere except online. You'll only have to wait minutes rather than hours or days to speak.
In order to book a medical appointment online, you will need the following information: your name, date of birth, insurance information, and the type of appointment you would like.
You will need a device that has access to Wi-Fi or mobile data and a stable internet connection. Most devices have a camera and speaker installed on them, which you will need for your online appointment.
There are different devices that you can use to access Instant Consult. You can use the Google Chrome web browser on a PC, Mac, or Android tablet. However, the Chrome web browser is not compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Android phones. So you must download the Instant Consult app on these devices in order to book a medical appointment online.
What Should I Do If I Have an Emergency?
If you don't have an emergency, we can still help you. Our doctors are available until midnight. You can make appointments on holidays too!